Will real, Clear and Legal Online Casinos and Sports Betting Come to America soon?

The United States of America has always had a difficult relationship, to say the least, with the idea of ​​betting. At one time or another, almost every type of bet was illegal, from lotteries to casino games, to Super Bowl bets. But the global trend is the legalization of gambling and the licensing of online casinos to allow people to play at home.

A major trend started in the USA in the 1960s, when state lotteries started to be legalized. Previously, states had banned virtually any type of lottery since the scandals of the 1890s. When New Hampshire created a state lottery in 1963, the floodgates were opened. Now 42 of the states and the District of Columbia have state sponsored lotteries. And even though there are still very old laws on books that prohibit certain actions in relation to participation in lotteries, none of them are applied anymore.

When states began to see the amount of money coming from sponsoring and promoting lotteries, combined with the great advances in communication technology since the 1960s, it was inevitable that other types of games would be legalized link cmd368. Starting in Indiana in 2001, some states now have “second chance” lotteries that are played exclusively online, in addition to other games of chance, such as keno.

Betting on Indian tribal lands has also been legal for decades and is a very popular destination for Americans. As state lotteries began to gain popularity, other types of bets, such as horse racing bets and off-track bets, began to decline in participation numbers. To expand over time, off-track betting companies now offer horse racing bets across the country in real time.

Possibly the final nail in the coffin that prevented the United States government from adopting online gambling and offshore betting was the recent decision by the World Trade Organization, which found that the US discriminates against its gambling policies. Although it allows cross-border betting licensed by the state on horses, it does not allow foreign licensing of such companies.

While government lawyers during the George W. Bush administration tried to claim that this is not what US law does, their arguments have repeatedly fallen on deaf ears at the WTO. Antigua, a popular country for online casinos abroad and the country that brought the case against the United States, apparently won the argument in favor of online gambling allowed in the USA.

So, from the complete ban on most forms of gambling in the late 19th century, to the legalization of lotteries and other state-sponsored games, to the recent WTO decision to try to force America open to all types of offshore casinos, the world is tending towards the legalization of sports betting and casino games. This article does not even mention the enormity of tourist destinations centered on casinos in the country, such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Northwest Indiana and Indian casinos. It seems that the entire world – except the US Department of Justice and Congress – is accepting online gambling.

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